Saturday, April 3, 2010

Recall With Distractions

Dare and I convinced my husband to come out with us this afternoon to video some of her skills for passing the training levels 2.

We started with the recall. TL2 Come is described as: "The dog comes from 40’ away with no more than two cues (voice, body language, or hand signal). The dog may be left on a Stay or held by someone else. The dog must come close enough to catch without moving. A “Front” is not necessary."

You'll notice that nowhere does it say that there should be distractions, but rarely can we make it out to the field to train without some kind of distraction. Today, both the cats, Gertie and KC, both decided to join in the training session. They have obviously decided that if they hang around when the dogs train, they might get some treats.

Anyway, I would say that Dare passed her come exercise with flying colors. We got most of the other skills for level two videoed today too. Just a few more to go! As soon as I get them all done, we'll post video of the whole level. :-)


  1. She's such a good girl! Especially with the cats right in front of her
    Em & Pepper

  2. LOL! I would never pass that test with cats around! Way to go Dare!

  3. Looks like we just found another sheltie blog ;) Well done, Dare. I love how she is just sitting there without any distractions from the cats. We're going to try to teach Eva recall now.
    P.S. Love Dare's blue merle color!

  4. Hi Marie

    Thank you for the suggestion. Don't worry it made complete sense. We'll see how that goes. :)

  5. Thank you thank you!! She did all of them BEAUTIFULLY!!!
    Doing that really made wonders :)