Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Video of Training Level 2 Tests

Here's Dare's Training Levels 2 tests. Dare's doing great, as usual...I'm the problem part of this team. I looked at the video for the Stand Stay and it is only supposed to be a 10 sec. stay. Well, counting to 10 is apparently too difficult for me, because I left her in a Stay for over 15 sec. if not closer to 20. What a dork! Anyway, I don't know if we got everything done exactly as they described it, or not, but I'm satisfied with it enough to move along to the next level.

I'd type up the descriptions to all the skills in the Training Levels 3, but I'm too lazy after fighting with Windows Movie Maker last night and this morning, so I'll just insert the link, if you're interested in reading what we'll be working on next. Training Levels 3

Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Little Heelwork

Heeling is such an ongoing process of training. It definitely has to be one of the most difficult skills to train. I for one, really enjoy teaching the dogs to heel. I know I'm kind of crazy, but what's new? LOL I just LOVE the feeling when you and your dog are walking in sync, it's just beautiful. Watching the really experienced Obedience teams heel together is so cool! I can't say Dare and I are quite to that point yet, but we're making progress and so I thought I'd share a video from the other day. We are training at our friend's building and she had several of her own dogs out there, as well as the two puppies she's keeping. So we had some distractions from other dogs. We also left out some obstacles in our path to heel around. Dare did such a nice job! :-)

Monday, April 19, 2010

Picture Time

We had a friend visiting last week, and it was all the added incentive I needed to get the dogs out to a few places we hadn't been for a while and take the camera along for some photos.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

A New Tunnel

So, I finally bought the dogs a collapsed tunnel for training. I've always wanted one, but it just happened that NTI Global had a spring sale at the same time that my husband and I decided to split the tax return and buy something fun. Perfect timing! Anyway, I got a package that included a practice collapsed tunnel. It's not a full length chute and the "barrel" is actually regular tunnel material, rather than a hard plastic barrel, but it's perfect for what I wanted and Dare seems to approve. She had no problem at all figuring out that she needed to push her way out of this tunnel.

I decided to try to get some photos, and I found out how good your timing has to be for that to work. Let's just let the pictures tell the story, shall we?

Hmmm....just a little too soon!

And...a little too late!

"Mom! Come on already! I've done this a million times now! Haven't you got the picture yet?"

I decided to call on my husband to help us out. And finally we got some success!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Recall With Distractions

Dare and I convinced my husband to come out with us this afternoon to video some of her skills for passing the training levels 2.

We started with the recall. TL2 Come is described as: "The dog comes from 40’ away with no more than two cues (voice, body language, or hand signal). The dog may be left on a Stay or held by someone else. The dog must come close enough to catch without moving. A “Front” is not necessary."

You'll notice that nowhere does it say that there should be distractions, but rarely can we make it out to the field to train without some kind of distraction. Today, both the cats, Gertie and KC, both decided to join in the training session. They have obviously decided that if they hang around when the dogs train, they might get some treats.

Anyway, I would say that Dare passed her come exercise with flying colors. We got most of the other skills for level two videoed today too. Just a few more to go! As soon as I get them all done, we'll post video of the whole level. :-)