Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Video of Training Level 2 Tests

Here's Dare's Training Levels 2 tests. Dare's doing great, as usual...I'm the problem part of this team. I looked at the video for the Stand Stay and it is only supposed to be a 10 sec. stay. Well, counting to 10 is apparently too difficult for me, because I left her in a Stay for over 15 sec. if not closer to 20. What a dork! Anyway, I don't know if we got everything done exactly as they described it, or not, but I'm satisfied with it enough to move along to the next level.

I'd type up the descriptions to all the skills in the Training Levels 3, but I'm too lazy after fighting with Windows Movie Maker last night and this morning, so I'll just insert the link, if you're interested in reading what we'll be working on next. Training Levels 3


  1. great job guys! Esp the LLW distraction w/ the ball. Was there someone else moving around in the background? And don't worry I can't count either, cause every time I video then watch it back I have done the same as you-we just don't look as good doing it!LOL

  2. Thanks Katie,

    Yeah, there was a LOT going on in the background that the camera didn't show. Randy was back there running the camera, Gertie the cat had followed us out and she was wandering around, and the sounds that you might have heard was the tin on the barn groaning and creaking with the aweful wind blowing outside.

  3. Sorry it took me so long to sit down and watch the video! I thoroughly enjoyed it! Dare is doing fantastic! She looks great on everything and I loved her "leave it"! Mom is definitely planning to do the levels if she ever gets another puppy!