Monday, April 19, 2010

Picture Time

We had a friend visiting last week, and it was all the added incentive I needed to get the dogs out to a few places we hadn't been for a while and take the camera along for some photos.


  1. PS. A friend of mine here just got a Himark sheltie over the weekend - a little bi-black girl. I haven't seen her in person yet. I had forgotten that Dare was from Himark. Neat!

  2. Ricky,

    That is so fun! I wonder if it's Shirley? She posted on the Himark yahoo group a picture of a bi-black girl she was naming "Clever" (I think). Should have been out of the Busy/Jackson litter if I remember right. I wonder if it's the same little girl. She's a cutie if it's her.

  3. She is such a pretty girl! (Well both of you are hehe)