Friday, March 26, 2010

Mom! There's a Cat in the Tunnel!

So, I found out just how valuable video can be in training yesterday. I also found out how oblivious I am to my surroundings. When Dare and I went out to train there was a pheasant in the agility field. He wandered off, and Dare didn't mind him being out there anyway, so I just set up the camera and off we went. I did know that Gertie our cat had also come out to train, but I didn't pay much attention to her either.

Well, I was working with Dare on her 2o/2o contact on the dogwalk, and I also wanted to throw in a little mix of obstacle discrimination with the tunnel. So, I set her up to do the tunnel first and then we'd do the dogwalk. Well, as you'll see in the video. Dare was distracted, and I wasn't paying any attention to why she was distracted. I just kept on working. Oblivious!!!! We ended the session on what I thought was a good note and I came in.

It wasn't until I watched the video clips back later on in the evening that I realized what was going on out there. Boy did I feel foolish. LOL It kind of looks like Dare is bouncing up to tell me "Mom!!! There's a cat in my tunnel!!! Mom!!!" on the way to turn off the camera. I can't tell you how grateful I am that I have a girl like Dare to work with that is able to deal with these type of distractions and being handler impaired besides. She is such a good girl! :-) Here's the video.


  1. Thats to funny. I dont own any cats but there have been cats in our tunnels too. Of course my dogs give chase and one time I had to finally help the cat over the fence. She didnt come back in the yard again. Diana

  2. Wow what a good girl Dare is! A pheasant and a cat and she's still right on task. I couldn't help but laugh and think of Twist boy and his getting distracted by. . .oh practically anything when on the field.LOL I know he's better now, but it shows each one is so different!

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  4. funny! Dare is so GOOD! Such a smart girl, though you have to wonder what she was thinking. Like..HEY MOM!!!!!!! Pay attention Mom! LOL!!

  5. Hilarious!
    She's a clever girl :))

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