Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Working on Level 2 Skills

I'm pretty confident in Dare's ability to pass the level 2 "Come" skill. She's coming really enthusiastically from 40' away. :-) I do think there are parts of the "continuing education" portion of this skill that we could still work on. They include calling her with my back to her. (I love how changing your body position can really test how well the dog understands the skill). Putting on and taking off the collar before she gets the treat. Holding off the click till she looks up and cueing a sit.

The "Crate" skill is pretty good too. I think she'll be able to pass this level without trouble.

"Distance" This one I am pretty excited about. I have always wanted better distance skills for agility, and I promised myself that my younger dogs would have a foundation that Zoe didn't get. I decided to take advantage of the big pole that is in the barn to begin with. She is doing fine, but I do notice that she seems to have an easier time going "out" from my right side than she does on my left. Today I got out the jump that I'd been using with Layla and set it next to the pole that she's been going out around. I didn't put a bar up on the jump, but thought I'd start incorporating the jump into the picture for her.

The Down and Downstay and the Sit and Sitstay are all coming along nicely. The formal return after the stay isn't required, but we've been incorporating that anyway.

The Stand is a little behind the sit and down stay. I am still working on building up duration for the standstay. We are not at the full 10 sec. of stay yet, but it's getting better.

Go to Mat is great. I don't foresee any issues with this skill.

Handling: I think we should be able to pass this skill too, especially with the little extra bits of training we did prior to the CGC.

Leashwork: Here is the description. "Handler stands in one spot with the dog on a loose leash. The dog keeps the lead loose for 60 seconds with one distraction. Handler may talk to the dog and use any loose leash cues, but may NOT give cues to Watch, Heel, Sit, Down, Stand, or Stay. This behaviour is about testing Loose Leash as a default behaviour." Somehow, I seem to have totally overlooked this skill. LOL I don't know how, but I haven't even given it a second thought, until I was going down the list today. So...needless to say, I think we have a lot of work to do before we are ready to test this one.

Target: She's got it down pat. :-) "Done!" as Zoe would say. hehe

Watch: She's at about 5 seconds, consistantly, but 10 seconds is going to take a bit more work.

Zen: Seems to have been lost somewhere along the way with the leashwork. Hmmm...if you asked me about what I think some of the most important skills in this level would be, it would probably be the two that I have overlooked. :-P Guess we better get busy.

I hope to have video later this week of training progress.


  1. I love Dare's new blog! What a great idea to keep track of all her training here. Sounds like you are really focused. We're so impressed!

    We haven't ever worked the levels per se, but have worked on lots of the skills involved but I don't know that I could pass the loose leash one - that must be one that gets ignored often! LOL!

    The photos of Dare along the side of the blog are awesome!!

  2. Very good!! I think Katie can do most of these, though I've never trained "crate." I did however just buy a soft sided crate and this evening we were working on "CRATE!" and so far she's OK with going in there when I point and say that word. Of course she's popping right back out again...but it's only day 1!

    Good job with Dare..and I too like the photos of her along the right side! Such a pretty girl!

  3. Very nice! Dang I better get back doing the levels...