Sunday, February 21, 2010

Training & Playing in the Snow

Anyone who knows me, knows I HATE winter. The only redeeming factor about it for me, is that the dogs seem to enjoy playing in the snow and I like to take pictures of them. So...after the latest storm that dropped another 7 inches of fresh snow, I thought I'd take advantage of the powder for some photos and also to work on Dare's recall for training levels 2.

From the last post you'll see that she needs to be able to come to me from 40' away with no more than two cues. You can either put the dog on a stay or use a helper. We had a helper yesterday, my husband. :-) Dare was doing so well with him holding her and me calling her to me, that I decided to get the camera and take some photos. Here are just a few of the photos. Enjoy!

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