Thursday, February 25, 2010

Leash work

We've been working on our loose leash walking the last couple of days. According to the directions you choose something that the dog that finds really appealing and attempt to walk towards it with a loose leash. The way it works is that the forward movement towards the desired object only continues as long as the dog can keep the leash loose. If the leash tightens, forward motion stops and you walk backwards away from the object. Then when the leash is loose again the forward motion to the object continues again.

I chose the barn where we train because if Dare has the chance she'll do whatever she can to get there fast. If she's not on a leash, she'll just charge out there and bounce by the door. (I know, I know, I probably shouldn't even admit that) LOL Anyway, yesterday Dare and I worked on our Loose Leash Walking. It took us several tries before we got there, but by the end of the session, she was getting the idea.

Today I was going to get video of Dare just rushing out to the barn off leash and then video of LLW to the barn to compare and guess what? She waited at the gate until I released her and then instead of rushing off for the barn like usual, she just turned back around and wouldn't leave me. LOL Woot! I really wasn't expecting that. So, I just put the leash on her and we did our loose leash walking. She was so much better than yesterday it was just great. It's still not perfect by any means, but I'm really happy with her.

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  1. Gosh - that is totally awesome!!!! We've always heard about this method - stop and turn around when the dog pulls and don't go until the leash is loose - but mom has tried to do it with me many times and it never ever works - LOL! Congratulations on being on the right track with Dare so quickly!