Friday, August 20, 2010

USRVDTC Rally Day 1

Day one of the Rally trial went great. Dare was first dog in her class, and despite my nerves, she did fantastic. She had a bobble at one station where she was to come into front and then finish right. She hesitated to sit, like she was confused about what exercise we were doing, but she did it, and I think we must have only lost a point or two. After that, it went really well.

When we went and checked the scores, she had a 98! Woohoo! There ended up being three dogs with a score of 98 when the class finished, so we were all in a tie for first place. But they break the tie by time, and we weren't as fast as the Border Collie, so we got second place. But what an awesome way to start the weekend. :-) Here's the video.


  1. That IS awesome, Marie!
    Both of you did a great job!

  2. By the way, it'd be great to hear your experiences with living with a sheltie in our POLL post here:


  3. Congratulations! You guys rock!

    Love the nice shady spot. What a great place for a trial.

    Good luck today.

  4. Well done!!! Congrats! Diana

  5. Totally awesome!! Glad it went so well - no need to be nervous after all!

  6. I love that she seems to be velcro'd to your leg! On the second video, when you did the down near the end, did you release her or did she pop up by herself? I'm having trouble with Katie with that, I do a "DOWN!", crouched down and pointing to the ground, and she pops up as soon as I stand up again!

    You guys looked awesome!!! Congratulations!

  7. congrats!!! That was awesome, you guys look so good, what a great team!

  8. Priscilla, I'll go check out the poll.

    Sara, Isn't the park gorgeous? It's such a pretty show site, that we go every year.

    Thanks Ricky and Kathy!

    Dawn, that station was what used to be the moving down. They've changed it now to read something like "stop and down", but that's just so that you understand that the handler can stop motion forward to cue the down, but then you move ahead again as soon as the down is completed. So, the pop up in that case, is long as the dogs elbows were completely down.