Sunday, August 22, 2010

Dare Got Her RN

I've always thought that's such a weird title abbreviation, since it is so commonly used for Nurses. LOL But regardless of the abbreviation, Dare has her first real AKC title now. :-)

Today the ring conflicts were really bad. In fact to be honest, if it weren't for the fact that my friend was keeping a very close eye on Twist's ring, I would have missed my turn. Thankfully, she knew I was going in the Rally ring with Dare right then, and so she had the gate steward move me to the bottom of the class in Open A with Twist. A huge "Thank you!" to Cyn!

Anyway, Dare finished her Novice B Rally title today with a score of 95. You might have guessed, that we tied with another dog. LOL The really fun thing was that it was our friend and traveling companion's dog, Tatum! How cool is that? There was another dog that scored 99 today, so today Tatum and Dare tied for second place. When I manage to get the video uploaded to Youtube, I'll post it. It's obviously not our best performance, but I'm still just thrilled to pieces with how well Dare is doing.

They had really pretty title ribbons, so we couldn't resist taking some pictures.


  1. Congratulations! I'm glad you wore clothes that matched your dog, it makes the photo with the ribbons look great!

  2. OMG - totally awesome! Congratulations on Dare's RN title! I'm not surprised because Dare looks great doing rally! Way to go!

    The title ribbon is very pretty!!!!

  3. Sara,

    I got teased about that outfit. LOL I got asked if I had just come from church or something, because it was more dressy than a lot of people's clothes.


    Isn't that title ribbon fun? I was so excited that they had title ribbons.

  4. Way to go DARE!!!! (And Marie!)