Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Now and Then

My friend reminded me that today is the year anniversary of when we went to Florida and picked Dare up. I couldn't resist uploading some of the video we took of her the day we picked her up and our first night at the hotel. I couldn't believe how confident and curious she was. I guess that's a big compliment to her breeder Judy Guaraldo. Dare has been exactly what I hoped for, from day one. :-)

Fast forward one year and here's what we're up to. We're another week into our weave training. Well, minus the long weekend we were gone. Anyway, Dare is now weaving straight poles, no channel. I have also opened up the grids, so it's not a complete closed path through the weaves. She's doing great! I'm going to keep working this week on different entries and varying my position, before I start taking off the grid guides and replacing them with the less conspicuous wires. At any rate, here is a video from this morning, (please ignore the lovely pajama pants). LOL


  1. I loved both videos!! Happy 1 year anniversary to you and Dare! She was so cute as a puppy! And now look at her weave! Go Dare! She is a great dog!!

  2. OMG! She had the cutest little butt & puppy walk. How fun.

    Dare's weaves look awesome. And your fence looks great!

  3. Dare was/is so cute!!! What a little fluffy puppy. The weaves look great!!!!

  4. I always admired Judy G. 's dogs. I was at a trial several years ago in Fl. Her two dogs were sitting in chairs. No leashes or anything. They never got up or anything while she walk the course. Impressive. Diana