Friday, October 1, 2010

Extra Credit Weaving

Ok, training is just fun! That's all there is to it. Especially with a partner like Dare. Today we were out doing some weaving, working on different angled entries and I also wanted to see if she would recall to me through the weaves.

So, I led out and called her through the weaves, which she did nicely, then tossed the ball over the jump and turned around and ran back to the start where the camera was, to turn it off. Before I got to the camera I turned around in time to see her enter the weaves at an angle like we'd be working on, nail the entry and then continue slowly back to me. The best part...she was holding her ball in her mouth the whole time. LOL

You'll see that her weaving is much slower coming back through, but I'm not as fast when I'm multi-tasking either. :-) The fun thing is that she got the entry (without me anywhere near her), and finished all 12 poles all while concentrating on holding that silly ball. Go Dare!

Hope you are all enjoying your training as much as we are. :-)


  1. I love that!!!! How awesome that Dare came back through the weaves on her own! She is such a fun, smart, and good girl!

  2. Haha that was hilarious! Love it! Clever girl. Great concentration there and a tough angle! Well done!

  3. Dare is just too smart! I love it, she's like, "this stinkin' weaving is too easy so I'll challenge myself!"

    I just love Dare! She constantly cracks me up! I cant wait to see her run a whole course cause I think she is going to be dynamite fast!

  4. Beautiful! She's just so cute. And smart. And did I say cute?

  5. That was so cute!

    It's the best when dogs surprise you like that.

    I'm glad you caught it on video. Too often, we miss those moments.

  6. I'm really glad I had the camera out too. The other day I wish I had the camera with me, because she was hauling her frisbee through the tunnel. LOL

  7. Dare is really really cute and clever! I always love to watch her doing agility, she's amazing!!!