Tuesday, September 14, 2010

More Jumping Experiments

The jumping experiments continue. The ultimate goal is still to get Dare more comfortable with striding in closer to jumps for take off. You know that we tried with the stride regulator. I decided to try something new, to see if it made more sense to Dare. It started with the suggestion from Andrea that maybe a foot target would make more sense to Dare as a take-off spot. Being a little lazy, I wondered if something that we already use for obedience. We have a pvc box that I send her to when we work on signals for obedience. I remembered seeing that Diana and Miley had used a pvc box when they were working on their running A-frame and I wondered if we could use a combination of ideas for Dare.

So, I started with the box and just clicked Dare for getting in and then tossed a toy out of the box to keep her moving. She picked up on that pretty quick. Here's the video.

Then I decided to try putting it together with the jump standards.

Now, I'm working on introducing the bars again on the jump. I also need to do some other variations, but so far, she isn't treating the box like she did the stride regulator, just landing directly in front of it, so maybe this does make more sense to her. I sure hope so.


  1. How about if you lift the box off the ground more. Put little empty toliet paper rolls on the feet to elevate it. Also start with it further back and make it a two jump exercise and as she starts getting it move it closer to make a one jump exercise. Diana

  2. Seems like using a box is working for Dare so far - great idea - you are very creative. I would've never thought of that. I hope it helps Dare to figure out her jumping!

    I love Dare's puppy photo as your new header - so cute!

  3. I like the new header too, it's beautiful!

    Thanks for sharing the video as it gives us some fresh ideas on how to do jumps with Eva.

  4. OK, you are really thinking creatively now, it is going to be very interesting to see how that works, maybe she can get enough muscle memory to figure out a better take off spot...it will be really interesting to see how it works!!!

  5. Looks interesting. She's so cute, looking over her shoulder as she jumps to see where that toy is going to go!