Sunday, May 30, 2010

Training Contacts

Thought I'd share how Dare is doing on her contact training for agility. Her dogwalk is full height and now we're just working on increasing speed, varying my location and stuff like that now. Here's the video of her 2o/2o on the dogwalk. You'll see that I missed her foot coming off because she had it back on before I turned around on the last repetition. LOL

Now for the teeter. I'm ready to take it up to full height too now. I think I'll stick with having keep all four feet on the teeter rather than a 2o/2o because I think there's less chance of it bouncing back up on her. Anyway, here's the teeter video.

Last of all...the A-frame. This is the newest obstacle for her. She seems comfortable with it at home, but the other day at a friend's house she ran up their full height A-frame and just absolutely launched herself airborne off way above the yellow. I'm sure that part of that is that she haven't worked on the A-frame at full height yet. I wonder if the pitch took her a bit by suprise. Nevertheless it really reinforced that I want to have a consistant performance at the current height, before I move it up any higher. Here's what it looks like so far though.


  1. Looking great! I love how Dare jumps the apex of the aframe and how she runs right to the end of the teeter to ride it down!

  2. She sure rides that teeter down doesn't she! No waiting around at the balance point for Dare! That's probably why she's named...DARE!

    And she launches herself over the A-frame with no fear either!

    You go Dare!

  3. Everything looks great! I love her teeter!! Diana

  4. Love how Dare goes right to the end with the teeter and is shifting the weight back, it looks terrific, the dog walk 2020 looks great it was cute how the little foot popped off but she got it right back on, LOL, and the Aframe striding looks really nice. Whoo hoooo, Dare is looking fantastic!